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Industry Overview

We live in a world where businesses have unlimited opportunities to expand locally and globally, and at the same time they face growing scrutiny of industry specific regulatory bodies, which take a considerable amount of time of entrepreneurs, partners, sole proprietors and managers from their day to day operations. Trivana Tax & Accounting Services is here to help you with non-core business functions so that you can zero in on what you do the best. Our services are developed to enhance your competitiveness within your industry.

Our team members have experience in manufacturing, automotive, retail, wholesale, transportation, dental care, restaurant, healthcare, hospitality, leisure, media, entertainment, private equity, and professional services firms.

Trivana Tax & Accounting Services is proud to offer specialized services to real estate construction and property management firms engaged in housing development, rental apartments, office buildings, warehouses, shopping malls / plazas, and parking lots.

Our state-of-the-art service framework is designed to give you access to our 30 plus years experience in running and managing restaurants, ice-cream parlors, delicatessens, transport companies, delivery services, restaurants, pizza shops, fast food businesses, financial asset management, and residential, commercial and industrial properties in the US and Canada.

Our highly experienced and trained experts are a seamless extension and a strategic partner of your firm and we are committed to helping you prosper. Please don't hesitate to contact us as how can we become your center of excellence.

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We can be reached at info@trivanataxaccounting.com

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